Lubbobbo Ranchers Limited

Situated on one thousand hectares of farmland in Nakasongola District, central Uganda, Lubbobbo Ranchers functions as an agricultural research and breeding facility. Home to just over 500 head of cattle, the farm is actively engaged in a breeding programme to cross indigenous Ankole cattle with exotic breeds including Boran, Sahiwal, Charolais and Friesian herds, to maximize beef and dairy yields while maintaining resistance to disease.

Working in conjunction with the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), all research on cross-breeding is shared with and documented by NARO. In addition, Lubbobbo Ranchers is also engaged in a pilot testing programme to ascertain the efficiency of a locally developed cattle dip aimed at controlling vector borne diseases spread by ticks and tsetse flies.

With the research programme still ongoing, Lubbobbo Ranchers is set to move into commercial farming in the near future, supplying regional markets with high quality beef and dairy products, as well as goat, mutton and poultry products from the adjacent Lubbobbo Mixed Farm.

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