HabibOil Limited

Drawing on over thirty years of experience and a global network of contacts, HabibOil was established to become a key partner in East African growth and development by providing energy solutions to the region in the most cost effective manner possible.

HabibOil's traditional strength is the supply of competitively priced bulk petroleum products, not only the traditional white products including petrol, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene, but also heavy fuels, bitumen, lubricants, and LPG. Long term relationships with trusted suppliers, and a broad network of overseas business associates, provide us with the leverage to remain competitive and maximize value for money for our customers.

2010 saw the opening of HabibOil's Kenya office, integrating the company with the regional oil supply chain currently controlled by the Kenyan market, and enabling HabibOil to move into the importation and refining of crude oil through membership with the Kenya Pipeline Company.

Within Uganda, HabibOil concluded the takeover of the Sarope chain of petrol stations, and will roll out a network of distribution depots and fuel stations which will see the company consolidate and streamline the bulk product supply process while moving into the retail sector.

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